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How long will therapy take?

If the problem is focused it may be dealt with in a short space of time up to about 6 weeks.

If problems are wide-ranging therapy can take longer. The length of time spent in therapy is controlled by the client, and can be discussed and reviewed with the therapist regularly.


How long are the sessions, and how frequent?

The normal session occupies 50 minutes. Frequency should be at least once a week. Some clients choose, and benefit from, more frequent appointments.


How much does it cost?

The normal range of fees is currently 45 - 60 per appointment depending partly on affordability.


How will I know if therapy works for me?

The first appointment is an assessment appointment and will give a client an opportunity to experience therapy. Often it is a great relief to be able to start talking. It is important that clients feel comfortable with the therapist. The decision to continue and enter into therapy is entirely that of the client.

In rare cases the therapist may advise the client that therapy is not suitable for them.


Will I know when to finish therapy?

Yes. This will be your decision, in discussion with the therapist. No-one remains in therapy against their will.